Giordano (Torino, Italy 1995) focuses his poetry on the emotional bond with the objects and subjects, using expedients and techniques that outline unusual stories and anomalous relationships from everyday life and apparent normality.

His approach lays its foundations in the deepening of urban social contexts and recurring actions. He plays with everyday objects found on the street, evoking shared memories and suggesting new perspectives in the banality of habits.


Solo and duo shows

2023 Livia+Mattia, Colla 
Super, MILANO with Livia Chiffi

2022 Party TV, MACA Museo Arte Contemporanea, ALCAMO

Group shows

2023 Sprint Art Book Fair, Spazio Maiocchi/Assocazione Barriera, MILANO

2023 Not fungible choc, Galleria Lazzaro, GENOVA

2022 Art Innovation, Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, MILANO

2022 Plas Collective, Scalo Lambrate, MILANO

2021 2121 ,Museo della Permanente, MILANO

2019 Here, Cavallerizza Reale, TORINO

Artist In Residence

2024 RamDom, Stazione Ninfeo, LECCE

2023 Project Room, Museo Sigismondo Castromediano, LECCE

2022 Shine Ruin, Instituit Francais, Cross Project, AMENO

2022 Party TV, MACA Museo Arte Contemporanea, ALCAMO